Panel Icon Missing - Telegram Snap


Has anyone run into a missing icon in their panel (regardless of desktop)? I’m trying to determine if this is Budgie related, or snap related.

Thank you.

I would say is snap related:

yeah - I should have looked on his issue tracker first. Off to do the same with next cloud.

the same goes for VLC

The nextcloud client snap seems to work fine here on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04:

Such app depends on Qt, and all depends on the Qt version they depend on. For telegram, there’s a different story as is statically linked with a specific Qt version, but I sent patches upstream to support such case, so it should work, or at least when setting a TMPDIR matching the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for the snap. I’ve also sent patches to qt upstream, but it might be that I didn’t forwarded this to ubuntu as SRU. The fix is here, feel free to propose a patch for the ubuntu package :slight_smile: .

As per VLC it’s also another problem: it seems they’re not using the xenial-updates repositories when building the package, so the newest libappmenuqt5 isn’t picked, and then you get the issue. As I fixed it that lib which has been SRU’ed some months ago to xenial (the reason why it works in next cloud).

You can see examples apps for indicators for multiple platforms at


This may be a moot point as there is a new thread covering a new version called “telegram-desktop”. In that thread, @sergiusens was discussing using this one. For reference, the icon issue in the panel is now gone with the new snap.