Packaging for debian

Currently snapd in Debian has i18n disabled because is not packaged. This shouldn’t be a big problem but this repo name confuses the heck out of all the tooling, particularly the go tool:

$ go get
stat no such file or directory

(I presume it thinks I’m naming a go flie on the command line, not a package). I filed an upstream issue about this but there’s been no response. How would we feel about forking this repo and giving it a more sensible name? ( maybe?)

Thanks Michael for working on the Debian update! Forking sounds reasonable, might be worth to approach upstream about a name change first, I’m sure we are not the only ones with this problem. Fun side-fact is that we used to have a fork of the repo (until our bugfix got merged upstream). I submitted a request to provide an alternative name to upstream ( lets see how that goes.

We had the same problem in Fedora, at which point gofed (our tool of autogenerating rpm specs for Go software) was adapted to deal with that little nightmare. It’s still a dumb name, and it confuses a lot of things…

OK. At what point do we ‘time out’ and jfdi?

I would say after the weekend we can jfdi.


I guess this is long enough? If you can fork the repo into the snapcore (or whichever other) namespace I can do the other bits.

Sounds good, its here now:

I didn’t like the name either, but this is a crappy reason to fork it. If your tool is broken, fix it!