`package_upload` is no more enough for uploading?

With snapcraft 4.1.1, snapcraft push exits with non-zero code after a snap is uploaded. I’ve setup macaroon with the following permissions.

snaps:       ['yakshaveinc', 'amend']
channels:    ['stable']
permissions: ['package_upload']
expires:     None

Here is what happens.

$ snapcraft push snapcrafting/yakshaveinc/yakshaveinc_eternal_amd64.snap --release=stable
DEPRECATED: The 'push' set of commands have been replaced with 'upload'.
See http://snapcraft.io/docs/deprecation-notices/dn11 for more information.
Preparing to upload 'yakshaveinc_eternal_amd64.snap'.
After uploading, the resulting snap revision will be released to 'stable' when it passes the Snap Store review.
Install the review-tools from the Snap Store for enhanced checks before uploading this snap.
Revision 75 of 'yakshaveinc' created.
Pushing 'yakshaveinc_eternal_amd64.snap' [===============================] 100%
Could not retrieve information for 'yakshaveinc'.

Recommended resolution:
Ensure the snap name is correct and that you have permissions to access it.

failed to deploy

This has been previously discovered. The fix is to request an extra permission: `package_upload` is no more enough for uploading?

Self referencing link?

Oops, sorry; copy pasta fail :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We can look into solving this for the next release.
This appears to be related to status, which is now a separate call, and not upload/release per se.

I will discuss options with @natalia on the Snap Store side.

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Would be nice. package_upload already includes package_update and it is strange when it can not get the status of what’s being updated.