Outdated package notifications make me do work

“Snap packages are being built automatically for me by both Launchpad and build.snapcraft.io. The outdated package notifications are great, but would be even better if they actually triggered the build and pushed the snap to configured channels, rather than just nag me to do it manually (which gets pushed to the bottom of my queue, as step one is remembering where the source was setup).”
Github Request https://github.com/canonical-websites/snapcraft.io/issues/1367

This is not my request but i love the ideea.

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Personally i will say this: it’s not about the work needed every time when a outdated package needs some atention but the security problems when the app it’s not updated in time or push to stable etc.

I think what @APolihron is asking for is nice to have.

However I would settle for a link in the emails that takes me directly to the page with the button to manually rebuild a snap from github. Every time I have to open the site then click around to get to the page to even be able to manually rebuild it. This also might be easier to implement.