Outbound email changes



I’m testing some changes to forum email settings. Please mute or ignore this topic as you see fit. :slight_smile:


Test reply to my post




@paulgear vive l’escargot!


Hi @paulgear - my forum activation email came through to gmail straight away!


That’s great @paulgear1!


Testing @paulgear1 notifications again.


Apologies for the noise, everyone. To update on what’s happened, outbound emails from this forum will now appear to come from forum.snapcraft.io rather than snapcraft.io. This is a step towards implementing updated email authentication to improve deliverability (to Google in particular, but will probably help with other email providers as well).

If you notice any problems as a result of this, please feel free to reply here, or contact us in #canonical-sysadmins on Freenode IRC, and quote ticket #115397.