Out-of-the-box experience: Debian 9


This is a series of posts that I will be maintaining on the forum. Each one will focus on a specific distribution and release (as appropriate). Each one will be backed by automatic tests that can replicate that experience.

On Debian 9 (stretch) today we have a bug where apt-get install snapd followed by snap install hello-world breaks while snap install core; snap install hello-world works correctly. I will be addressing this issue soon, linking to pull requests and bugs.

I just made a pull request with initial out-of-the-box tests https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3635

As expected one of the tests is disabled as it is really just broken on Debian now. To run those tests you need to specify them explicitly and manually:

spread -debug -v \
    linode:debian-unstable-64:tests/ootb/install-just-core \
    linode:fedora-25-64:tests/ootb/install-1st-snap-and-core \
    linode:fedora-25-64:tests/ootb/install-just-core \
    linode:opensuse-42.2-64:tests/ootb/install-1st-snap-and-core \
    linode:opensuse-42.2-64:tests/ootb/install-just-core \
    linode:ubuntu-14.04-64:tests/ootb/install-1st-snap-and-core \
    linode:ubuntu-14.04-64:tests/ootb/install-just-core \
    linode:ubuntu-16.04-32:tests/ootb/install-1st-snap-and-core \
    linode:ubuntu-16.04-32:tests/ootb/install-just-core \
    linode:ubuntu-16.04-64:tests/ootb/install-1st-snap-and-core \

@mvo has started a new thread on this problem Debian core configure hang on first snap install

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