Openstackclients: auto-alias 'openstack' conflicts with command namespace for 'openstack'

Interesting challenge with the auto-aliases provided by the openstackclients snap and the new openstack snap that we are working on as part of OpenStack Sunbeam.

Its not possible to install the openstackclients snap on a machine that already has the openstack snap installed:

$ sudo snap install openstackclients
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Set automatic aliases for snap "openstackclients" (cannot enable alias "openstack" for "openstackclients", it conflicts with the command namespace of installed snap "openstack")

the openstack snap does not use the ‘openstack’ command name (it uses ‘sunbeam’ as the entry point) to avoid this CLI conflict but the snaps still conflict with each other - is there any way around this?

Try passing --unaliased it should install fine and then you can tweak local aliases to your linking.