Openstack-hypervisor: registration, ownership and track requests


Please could the snap name ‘openstack-hypervisor’ be released (currently a reserved name) and assigned to Canonical with me as the initial collaborator (I’ll expand that list to include a broader set of the OpenStack engineering team once setup).

I also need tracks for xena, yoga, zed and antelope release names please!

This snap is a subset of the microstack snap and has the same set of connections for permissions; once I’ve uploaded the initial snap I’ll raise another store request for auto-connection review.


Hi James,

Sorry to be a bother - could you try to register the name and when offered to file a dispute/request, do so, and just say “Daniel sent me” or somesuch in the comment field?

It then becomes a 2-click operation for me: one to approve the name, another to transfer to Canonical (which makes you a collaborator as the original owner).

TBH I don’t even know how to manually register a snap to someone :frowning:

Once it’s registered I’ll gladly create the tracks.

  • Daniel
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Hi Daniel

I don’t actually get that option

Would you say that MOST users will expect 'openstack-hypervisor' to come from
you, and be the software you intend to publish there? [y/N]: y
craft-store error: Store operation failed:
- reserved_name: The snap name "openstack-hypervisor" is reserved.                                                                                                
Full execution log: '/home/jamespage/.cache/snapcraft/log/snapcraft-20221007-063042.410792.log'   

it’s kind of off that snapcraft doesn’t allow that. I typically use the web UI:

  • Daniel

Thanks Daniel

Request submitted via the Web UI instead!

Thanks! The snap is now transferred to Canonical with you as collaborator, and the requested four tracks were created.

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