Openstack: autoconnect ssh-keys


As part of our work on making openstack snap multi-node, we need to be able to access user’s ssh keys.

The snap bootstraps / manages a Juju cluster, since it’s done through the manual provider, we need SSH read/write access to setup private/public key on the user’s personal files.

Snap: openstack

Plug requested: ssh-keys

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Since the ssh-keys interface provides access to a user’s private SSH key, this is quite sensitive and should only be granted when this is necessary and quite a common use-case.

I wonder if instead, when the user invokes some command that requires access to their ssh key, would it be possible to auto-detect if the interface is connected already (snapctl is-connected ssh-keys) and if not then prompt them to connect it? This would allow the snap to work without this being auto-connected for all users.

Thanks @alexmurray, this is an acceptable solution and the one we will implement.

Excellent - thanks, I will remove this request from our internal queue.