openSCAD for RPi

This page: specifically describes how to install openSCAD on Raspbian and indicates it was last updated 18 September 2020.

When I follow the instructions by running “sudo snap install openscad”, I get:

error: snap “openscad” is not available on stable for this architecture (armhf) but exists on other
architectures (amd64, arm64, i386, ppc64el, s390x).

I tried adding the following, with the same results:

Something change? I am running the latest stable RPi OS on an RPi4. Installing openSCAD was my reason for installing snap. How do I get openSCAD to install? Thanks.

has a pulldown menu at the top that shows the arches the snap was built for … apparently the packager has only enabled arm64 but not armhf … either switch to an arm64 install or use the contact link on the above page and ask the packager to enable armhf builds for the snap …

By “has a pulldown menu” you must mean the snap store. I do not have that installed. I came across the web page on this site and followed those instructions. There is nothing on the web page that indicates it does not install on the stable 32bit RPi OS. Shame. I considered installing the 64bit beta when I got the RPi4 but did not want to add instability to what was already turning out to be a complicated install (Printerface/Slic3r).

Might have to give it a try anyway. Thanks much for your reply!

click the link i posted … on the top right of the page there is a pulldown menu next to the green button … click that, there is another pulldown inside the popup that lists the architectures.

i’m solely talking about the website that i linked (which is the main site on snapcraft io for that app … you originally used a distro specific sub-page that does not have the pulldown) …

in any case you should contact the packager, it should be trivial to turn on armhf builds …

Ah! Thanks much! I did not follow your link as I thought the page I used “was it”. My bad. Great idea and I will reach out to him to see if he is willing to do that. Again, thanks much!

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