OpenRazer (open source driver / daemon for managing gaming mice & keyboards from Razer)

OpenRazer is an entirely open source driver and user-space daemon that allows you to manage Razer peripherals on Linux.

I believe this would be a very important snap. Now the only way to install OpenRazer on Ubuntu is by adding another PPA (oof) to the system:

For the record the version 2.9.0 has just been released:

Looking at the Github repo, the project depends on out-of-tree kernel modules distributed as part of the package. That’s not going to fit into the model of a strict confined snap.

It might be possible to package it as a classic confinement snap, but I would be concerned about having a snap that tries to modify the kernel published onto the main store. It would not offer any security benefit over the existing PPA, but may give that impression to users.

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Ohh ok. I don’t know about these things at all. I hope some solution could be implemented!

Nevertheless: installing this via single click as a snap would be infinitely better to new users, than to add PPA’s, copy pasting stuff to terminal (the terminal, which itself drives new users away right that second upon mentioning).

There is a somehow related flatpak, if it would be of any help or indication:

It looks like the Flatpak offers the RazerGenie graphical app for users to interact with, but still requires the OpenRazer software (including kernel module) to be installed on the host system for RazerGenie to interact with.

I definitely agree with @jamesh on the problems associated with having any Snaps which modify the kernel or try to load unsigned kernel modules. I think it could be quite misleading for users.

The ideal “solution” to this (though it’s likely a lot of work) would be for the OpenRazer developers to work towards contributing their kernel driver to the upstream Linux kernel so that software like RazerGenie or others will be able to use the driver in the future without needing to install any packages outside of the confined Snap/Flatpak environment.

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I wonder would it be possible for us to to reach the OpenRazer devs about it, and convince them on it…