Openning a port in Chromium for debug

I’m using the default Chromium snap in Ubuntu 19.10, I’ve opened the remote debugging port using --remote-debugging-port=9222, looked at netstat -ntlp and I couldn’t see anything occupying port 9222.

Tried curl on this port, got Connection refused, tried snap chromium connections and got a list of plugs and slots.

I found some guides showing how to add plugs and slots between snaps but not between the host and the snap, any idea?


The network-bind interface should be providing Chromium the ability to bind to network sockets, is that interface connected in the output of snap connections chromium (note the argument order here) ?

Do you see any denials in the system journal with journalctl -e --no-pager | grep DENIED ?

As hinted by Ian, you’ll need to connect the network-bind interface for this to work:

snap connect chromium:network-bind

My mistake, I simply failed to type the argument correctly.

Thank you all!