Openjdk-8-jre-headless behave strange in snap package

I am wondering if anyone would know why… I have a smalltextpad application that write and encrypt text files.

Normal Debian (deb) package with the same JAR as the snap package behave differently. Here is what I found out.

DEB = open, create, write, save British pound sing no problem ( £ )
RPM = open, create, write, save British pound sing no problem ( £ )
SNAP = open --> create and write British pound sing --> save file. Open again and British pound sing ( £ ) has been replaced with question mark ( ? ) like it does no recognise the character.

But I can launch the same jar file manually or through other packages and it works fine.

If anyone know why please let me know, if anyone could text it for me to eliminate my system please let me know.

snap available in store. DEB or RPM available on sourceforge called “smalltextpad”

Many Thanks

Might be a locale issue, please check out The gettext-launch launcher: Fix gettext-based internationalization in the snap runtime

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Brilliant that worked perfectly… saved text file with British pound sing ££££ and open again and it was saved as required.

Method I used was:


Many Thanks

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