opening the attachments with SNAP

I hope to be in the right place because I don’t English
J’espère être au bon endroit car je ne le pas anglais


J’utilise snap pour un certain nombre de logiciels dont Libreoffice.
Le problème par exemple, c’est qu’un fichier.odt en pièce jointe sur un émail de Thunderbird ne s’ouvre pas. Il me faut télécharger la pièce jointe pour l’ouvrir.
Pour les fichier.pdf je n’ai pas se problème (je n’ai pas non plus de lecteur snap PDF).

Y a t-il un espoir de pouvoir ouvrir les pièce jointes avec Libreoffice SNAP ?

d’avance merci


I use snap for a number of software including LibreOffice.

The problem, for example, is that an attachment.odt file on a Thunderbird enamel does notopen. I need to download the attachment to open it.
For the.pdf files I have no problem (I also do not have a snap PDF reader).

Is there any hope of opening the attachments with SNAP LibreOffice?

in advance thank you

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No comments, I must not be the only one with this inconvenience ?

The problem in this case is that /tmp is a private area for each snap. That means the system /tmp, and each snap’s /tmp are separate so when thunderbird saves the temporary file containing the attachment and passes the path to libreoffice the latter cannot open it because it is in a different /tmp directory.

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A proper solution is to teach the snap version of Thunderbird not to save the file under its own /tmp, but somewhere accessible by other snaps (like the Downloads folder)

I am hoping portals solve this problem, but I have no data to back up that it will.

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Thunderbird would need to use the proper APIs for using file selectors and such for portals to help. I doubt thunderbird is using those yet, but it is an option.

I think the right solution would be to patch thunderbird to use one of the XDG user-dirs.

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Thinking about this a bit more, perhaps we could submit a patch to thunderbird which uses XDG_TMP_DIR if it’s set with a fallback to /tmp. We could then ensure this is set with the desktop helpers. Thoughts?

We’d want this to be treated as a transient directory, which would require cleaning up at some point, so clearly this needs more thought.

This will not solve snap to snap or thunderbird to libreoffice snap, will it?

Yes it would. XDG_TMP_DIR would not be a snap specific location. It would require snaps to use the home interface.

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Thank you for your replies.
I didn’t understand everything, but will a SNAP specific location be developed?

Is there still hope that we can open a Libreoffice file as an attachment in Thunderbird?

I feel like this discussion goes on in other threads, but I think the Libreoffice / Thunderbird discussion and solutions are way to narrow. For the future of the paradigm it seems like there needs to be a solution that would allow any system software to be given explicit conscious permission to call any snap for the purpose of opening a file. For example the distribution version of Firefox should be able to call the snap version of L.O., or Notepad++, or anything else to open a file, even if it requires another click or explicitly associating the snap with the file type. Every time by boss gripes about having to save a file then open the folder then click on the file which then opens L.O. without complaint it surprises me this doesn’t seem to be a problem more widely acknowledged.