Opening a URL from the Skype snap

I’m using the Skype snap from the stable channel on Ubuntu 16.04 running GNOME Shell, installed via snap install skype --classic.
Clicking a URL from within the Skype snap opens Chrome in a new profile. My default browser is actually Firefox from the snap. I do have Chrome installed with an existing profile on this system.

It seems like Skype actually ends up calling Chrome within its own snap common directory because it creates ~/snap/skype/common/.config/google-chrome which explains the empty profile.

There’s also a mimeapps.list with references to Chrome:

cat ~/snap/skype/common/.config/mimeapps.list 

[Default Applications]

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If I have firefox closed, and I click on url from skype, firefox is opened in a new profile, no bookmarks available. If I have already firefox already opened no issue

Super similar issue even with nautilus, if I receive a file and i choose ‘show in folder’ the nautilus windows opened doesn’t have my place and my favourite location on left side.

I have the same issue. This is one of the reasons I try to avoid using snap packages at all. But on Ubuntu 20.04 the official Skype’s audio doesn’t work and I’m forced to use the snap. Skype snap tries to open links in Firefox, even though my default browser is Chrome. I’m also experiencing the issue where the file browser opens inside the snap directory without all my bookmarks on the side. This costs a lot of time having to browse to the directory I want to select files from.

Please guys, these are such simple issues that are really messing up the reputation of snaps.