Opening a link in VSCode crashes Firefox on Focal

I recently upgraded to 20.04 by doing a clean install. Since the upgrade, I can’t open any links anymore in the vscode snap. Whenever I click on a url, I immediately get a crash report from Firefox.

I also notices a weird issue with Slack: If I open a link in Slack, the new Firefox process has the same icon as Slack.

Are these two issues related?

I’ve noticed the same thing. FWIW, links in VS Code open fine in Chromium when it is set as the default browser. (I’m not claiming this is a solution, just another detail.)

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The crash is a known issue: bug #1838129.

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I did not want to open a new issue for this but it somehow relates to this issue:

When you open links to the default browser from within vscode and you set chrome as default, a new chrome window is properly opened, with a chrome window attached to the chrome icon in the dock.
However if you do the same with firefox as default browser, a new firefox window is opened, under a anonym user and as a “vscode” window.

That sounds like a separate issue. Which desktop environment are you using?

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I have the same issue with Slack and VSCode. Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 with Gnome. For some reason I was convinced this issue was already known? It’s been that way since ~April.

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Sorry for the late reply, I am using default ubuntu 20.04, thus GNOME.

As @galgalesh already said this happens in slack and vscode but in spotify it works :thinking: