[openfortivpn] Kernel does not support ppp

Hello everyone, I have a big problem. I bought VPS service for my company and cannot make VPN tunnel. I installed openfortivpn through by snap, and what I have:
~debian@vps-f123123123:/snap$ sudo openfortivpn 212.x.x.x:x -u pkadmin --persist=10 --trusted-cert 0428c37a7612fdaefb2772330aad701f405351a4e0a257175a1417603fd1e5f3

WARN: Bad port in config file: “0”.

VPN account password:

INFO: Connected to gateway.

INFO: Authenticated.

INFO: Remote gateway has allocated a VPN.

ERROR: read: Input/output error

INFO: Cancelling threads…

ERROR: pppd: The kernel does not support PPP, for example, the PPP kernel driver is not included or
cannot be loaded.

INFO: Terminated pppd.

INFO: Closed connection to gateway.

INFO: Logged out.

debian@vps-ff123123123:/snap$ sudo modprobe ppp-generic
modprobe: FATAL: Module ppp-generic not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.0-9-cloud-amd64~

Debian 10. I believe that you can help with this difficult situation.

Anoyone can help me?

well, you should contact the provider of the VPS to include ppp support in the VPS kernel, there isnt anything that can be done on the snap side