OpenBoard snap - no starter available


I’m using Ubuntu 18.10 and installed the OpenBoard snap ( But sadly I’m not able to run the app: there is no starter/launcher in Gnome Shell or Unity. Just typing openboard in the terminal doesn’t work as well.

I’ve already emailed the developer but received no response. Maybe this snap should be removed from the store? Is there someway how me or someone else can repair the snap?

Thanks in advance!

Alexander (scroom)

whats the error you get ? “doesn’t work” is usually not a very helpful report :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, it seems like an empty application.

emanu@emanuc:~$ sudo snap install openboard
[sudo] password di emanu:
openboard 0.1 from arturu installed
emanu@emanuc:~$ snap run openboard
error: cannot find app “openboard” in “openboard”

ah, i just took a look, seems this snap is completely empty, it only contains a boilerplate snapcraft.yaml …

snap info openboard shows:

publisher: arturu

try to contact him/her …

I’ve already sent him an email but didn’t receive a response.