Onvif not working

I am not sure if this is the right place. If not please tell me.

I want to use onvif-viewer on my debian buster box. I found it as onvif in snapcraft.

Installation woked fine but in the end /snap/bin was still empty. I tried the following:

jba@lina:~$ snap run onvif
error: cannot find app “onvif” in “onvif”
jba@lina:~$ snap run onvif-viewer
error: cannot find current revision for snap onvif-viewer: readlink /snap/onvif-
viewer/current: no such file or directory

I tried another (tuxracer) snap to verify my snap installation and it worked.

Is there something wrong with the onvif snap?


have you tried snap run onvif.onvif-viewer ?

has links to the developer website and a contact link … to ask the developer or file an issue …

have you tried snap run onvif.onvif-viewer ?

That worked. Now I can start the snap. However, no window appears. Will contact the developer.