One publisher is not accessible via //

snap info for does state that its publisher is kde, whereas the output of snap info for test-snapd-gsettings does state that its publisher is test-snaps-canonical. However, although is operational, is not. Why is this true?

The /publisher/foo pages are reserved for publishers of merit. For example, I don’t have a publisher page because I am not a well known project or company. If you want your own publisher page, you’ll need to contact Canonical directly.


Understood. However, surely Canonical is a publisher of merit…?

I think Canonical is split on two points, internally they use several different accounts rather than the canonical canonical Canonical account (sorry I had to!). The snap above is using test-snaps-canonical.

The other problem being that Canonical has a lot of snaps that they don’t author, just package, e.g, Docker. So I think there might be an inclination to say that a publisher page should be work that you actually are responsible for in its entireity. I don’t think there’s a proper policy on this, but everything on the KDE publisher page actually belongs to KDE’s group. Canonicals publisher page would be a lot smaller if it was limited to its own works, or ridiculously large if it was just anything Canonical happened to distribute on their own account, it’d end up with a significant proportion of Gnome apps for example.

But in general I think it would be nice to have more publisher pages too.

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251 public snaps published by the canonical canonical Canonical account!

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Because of the amount of snaps that canonical has published, why is not operational either? Being able to observe all of the snaps that KDE has created has been very useful for discovery of new software.