One more star developer request

I would like to submit my application to star developers.

I’ve been maintaining snaps for some upstream projects such as, pylsp, sonarr, rtlsdr, as part of the MAAS team I maintain the maas and maas-test-db snaps.

I also maintain snaps for some personal projects, such as h2static and query-exporter.

I’ve also been active with snapd/snapcraft early-testing new features and core bases, reporting and helping debugging issues.

Thanks for considering my application.

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I +1 this request. I have worked with @ack and not only does this person maintain said snaps, but also created nice tooling to help out integrating with the snap ecosystem such as

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+1 from me too - @ack has made significant contributions to the snap ecosystem.

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Thank you @sergiusens and @alexmurray!

Thank you for your important contributions to the snap community! You are a star developer :slight_smile: :star: