One more developer who might be a star

Hi, I am Keshav Bhatt & I’m writing this request for myself.

I am a developer, publisher & maintainer of around 36 snaps in the store.

The most notable free and open source applications that I developed, and published via snap store:

  1. Whatsie - Feature-rich Whatsapp client for Linux Desktop (

  2. Glate - Translation/Text to Speech tool (

  3. BingWall - Bing wallpaper of the day (

  4. Plumber - Media trimmer (

  5. MusicRadar - Music recognition App for Linux (

  6. Olivia - Cloud Music Player (

  7. Color Picker (

  8. ColorPie- Color convertor (

  9. Currency Conv (

  10. Gifex - Gif recorder (

  11. QSnapStore - snap store browser (

  12. PixelFx - Photo Editor (

  13. MovieSquare - Movie discovery client for Linux Desktop (

  14. Kdictionary - Dictionary Suite (

  15. 2048 - Puzzle game (

  16. Worddle (wrapper) - Guess the WORDLE in 6 tries (

  17. MkCron - Simple cron schedule expression editor (

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You can find the source code of all of the above-listed application on my GitHub account here

I publish most of my work via snap store and advocate the cause of snaps and snap store. Not because I have all my apps published as snaps but for the following few reasons:

  • snaps are secure

  • snaps are easy to build

  • snaps are easy to maintain

  • updating snaps consumes less bandwidth

  • snap store provides the quickest and safest delivery of software from the original developer to millions of Linux users worldwide

  • Snap store’s application publishing approach is developer friendly

  • with dedicated product pages for each application and the optimal SEO, snapcraft web store lets developers reach millions of potential users around the world

  • snapcraft build and publishing service alleviates the effort of managing the application lifecycle and allows developers to focus on development rather than application publication. It saves a significant amount of time

  • wonderful community, this forum where everyone can openly express their concerns directly to developers involved in the development of the project

and much more :heart:


I am +1 for @keshavnrj who has created numerous utilities/apps and targeting their delivery as snaps


+1 from me - the candidate definitely has made a large contribution to the snap ecosystem and continues to do so.


Thank you for your application and for being an avid snap publisher and community member! You are now a star developer! :star: