Okular package cannot print files

I installed the Okular snap from the KDE channel.
Everything works great, but when I try to print a file I get an error:

Could not print the document.
Detailed error is "Could not find a suitable binary for printing. Make sure CUPS lpr binary is available".
Please report to bugs.kde.org

I installed cups-bsd and have the lpr file in /usr/bin/lpr. This is on Linux Mint 18.3.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You should report a bug, okular seems to not use the “cups-control” interface

@orga What would be the best place to report a bug? The okular snap page page just directs me to kde.org. Is there a github group with repositories of all the snaps, maybe?

well, the error message above (in your first post) would be what i’d take as authoritative for bug reports …

so bugs.kde.org and looking for the okular page there …

Great, thanks for the link. I’ll file a bug report with kde.

You might also want to suggest the snap’s maintainer that they request auto-connection for that interface (once they’ve added it), similar to what was done for the evince snap.

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There is a patch by Harald Sitter which should fix the underlying problem, but it is blocked by another issue with Qt 5.10.

As @oSoMoN said, this will also require getting snap’s maintainers to approve auto-connection for the cups interface.