Auto-connecting the cups-control interface for the okular snap

This is a request to auto-connect the cups-control interface for the okular snap.

Without this, users cannot print their documents out of the box.


+1 to auto-connect. A primary function of a PDF reader is to be able to print documents. I’d love to see things like this move to the Printing portal, but it isn’t quite ready yet.

A bit of additional background, actually: okular has fairly advanced printing tech which eventually initiates the print using lpr (cli tool talking to cups) rather than the Qt printing abstraction. @apol also thinks it should use portals, neither of us had a proper look into the feasibility of porting it away from lpr though.

There aren’t enough votes to tally.

@reviewers - can one/some/all of you vote?

+1 from me - okular is a well-known software from an also well-known upstream developer and the interface autoconnection requested makes sense in the context of the software’s purpose and what it’s requesting.

+1 from me this is a perfectly sensible interface to connect by default for a PDF reader.

+1 from myself also. Printing PDFs is common from Okular, so we should enable that.

4 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection of cups-control to okular. This is now live.