OK, so I've decided to change my name again, so I'll be needing a forum admin


so, I’ve decided to move further away from my deadname because I feel keeping my name as a derivative of it was a mistake. Therefore I will be updating to Lucy Llewellyn as my name, and would like my username to be updated to lucyllewy to match if an admin can assist please. (I don’t have access to change my own username, so need an admin to do it for me.)

I know we’ve done this dance before, and I’m sorry I chose a name that ultimately I wasn’t happy with previously. Hopefully this time I’ll stick to it. Turns out choosing a name for yourself is hard!


It turns out I’m enough of an admin to do this - let me know if things look OK now. I didn’t change the “full name” field but I can do so as well, if needed.

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Looks good to me. Thank you :hugs: