Offline snap installers and possibility to update

Since not everyone has a unlimited data plan, shouldn’t be possible for a user to download an app from uAppExplorer for offline install and lately be able to update?

Yeah, try this:

$ snap download hello-world
Fetching snap "hello-world"
Fetching assertions for "hello-world"
kyrofa@Pandora:~$ sudo snap ack hello-world_27.assert 
kyrofa@Pandora:~$ sudo snap install hello-world_27.snap
hello-world 6.3 from 'canonical' installed
kyrofa@Pandora:~$ snap list
Name                   Version                   Rev   Developer      Notes
hello-world            6.3                       27    canonical      -

Note that this will provide the ability to update. All you need are the snap and the assertion provided by snap download.


Ok for a normal user to know this would be a lot harder. I think downloading from uAppExplorer is easy for any user keep the file on a folder and not needing to assert the file like .deb files.

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(Note that uAppExplorer is a third-party website: we have no control over it.)

Partially solves the problem but, is better than nothing.