Offline do-release-upgrades from xenial to bionic introducing snap pkgs


It has been brought to my attention by someone using offline deployment of Ubuntu Xenial Desktops:
Intends to perform a full offline do-release-upgrade, all testing currently working without issue except for the introduction of snap packages as part of the upgrade.

They would need a offline solution to resolve snap dependencies for release upgrade.

Any recommendation ?


Here’s more context about the snap package being part of the upgrade:

It seems like do-release-upgrade has a deb2snap mechanism to migrate some of the deb to snaps and/or install new snap package, like if it was a fresh new install.



commit f57a65f69e47e55a5490104cca81e2ec88b5d075

  • Add in a quirk for upgrading to Cosmic that will
    check if the system has connectivity to the snap store and replace some
    desktop packages with snaps to ensure the system is similar to a fresh


Assuming one does a offline upgrade using a local repository (landscape or else) and considering this deb2snap approach during the upgrade, then this will break the snap portion of the upgrade, since there would be no access to the snap store.

How snap can be taking care of if no direct access to the snap store ?