Official Support for ffmpeg-2204 content snap and continuation

The ffmpeg-2204 is a content snap, that has libraries and binaries related to ffmpeg built from source. This content snap is kind of a replacement to the ffmpeg snap itself. Currently many big publishers publish their snaps with ffmpeg build from source instead of pulling it from the repo, simply because it clashes a lot with the gnome-sdk and other sdk files. Recently I faced the remmina which is very big due to the ffmpeg libraries built from source. I proposed them to use the content snap made by me. But, it’s obvious that will not depend on something that’s not official.

What I propose is to have a small team of 2/3 people who will maintain the ffmpeg and a similar gstreamer content snap. I can help to make them too. Because I already have one for ffmpeg and have a rough manifest for the gstreamer one. Is it possible?

@ogra @kenvandine @alexmurray and everyone please give your opinions on this and let’s start a discussion.

Linking the MR for reference

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Perhaps an initiative like this would be good for @Snapcrafters to help with? I agree this is the sort of thing we want published by a shared collective of people rather than an individual.


Ping @galgalesh @Wimpress - could you weigh in on this from the perspective of snapcrafters?

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Hm, we clearly need a way to notify Snapcrafters. This went below my radar.

This is definitely something Snapcrafters can help with. @soumyaDghosh are you interested in joining and hosting the snap under our org? It would mean we can also add our automation to help you with the maintenance.

Note that this would mean that you fall under our processes, and the way we do authorisation etc. more info:

I agree with the conditions that are meant to be under the snapcrafters umbrella. I would also like to add the webkitgtk-6-gnome-2204 content snap add under this umbrella.

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Can you create a post on this forum in the Snapcrafters category titled “name | Snapcrafters membership application”, where you give a short intro of your contributions to snaps etc.

  • Which snaps you’ve maintained and for how long
  • What other snaps you’ve contributed to (like sublime text)
  • [if applicable] which other snap projects (like snapcraft) you’ve contributed to

We can then discuss your application internally and, in all likelihood, add you as a member.