Obs with proprietary amd drivers

Since getting obs to work for AMF hardware encoding is very troublesome for most users and given that the proprietary drivers are undesirable for gaming and general use, a snap that includes the proprietary AMD drivers with obs, so that hardware encoding is available for recording while allowing the rest of the system to use the open source mesa drivers, would be very useful for a lot of people. I’m no expert on snap and sadly don’t have the time to really get into creating one myself, so if anybody wants to take this idea for themselves, then please do.


OBS snap is WIP. @sgmoore any status on the fix of kf5 content snap?

Hi, can you provide me with some context? I was unaware that it was broken.

These drivers would have to be freely distributable to ship them, I doubt they are though…

Sorry, I don’t currently have any error log. But, I’ll get back to you soon then, with error logs. Any way to directly contact you?

As much I can get, the prefixes in pkgconfig files aren’t changed properly in the Kde-neon extension, means kf5 snaps.

Ok, I think I have a fix. First I am hearing this.

The content packs aren’t the issue, it is the kde-neon extension. I have a PR in for the fix here:

Cheers, Scarlett

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