OBS Studio Snap, Game Capture plugin, Nvidia, Wayland, Ubuntu 22.10

Hello there,

been using OBS on X11 so far, but I decided to give OBS, Nvidia and Wayland another shot. Using Pipewire for screen or window capture results in choppy video performance on Nvidia + Wayland, so I am now interested in trying the Game Capture plugin instead. Using OBS Snap from the stable repo, Steam is installed both natively (deb) and as Snap - tried with both, same results. The bundled Game Capture plugin just shows a black preview screen, no matter which game I launch with Proton and DXVK.


Adding obs-gamecapture %command% to my Steam launch options per title just tries to launch the game only to fail shortly afterwards. In other words, I click on ‘play’ in Steam and then the play button goes into launching for one or two seconds and that’s it - then it’s back to play again. Launching OBS via OBS_USE_EGL=1 obs and retrying the same again doesn’t help, same thing as before happens. So then I try the following launch option env OBS_VKCAPTURE=1 instead of the one above, to no avail = The game launches, but still just a black Game Capture preview in OBS.

Nvidia T600 GPU, newest 515 recommended and tested drivers installed via Ubuntu’s driver utility tool.

Any ideas?