Not the right architecture - Rasperry pi4?

Hi you all,

whatever “snap” I want to install on my rasperry pi4 with arm64-architecture (that’s what I thought …) it always gives this error message:

> pi@raspberrypi:~ $ error: snap “sql-client” is not available on beta for this architecture (armhf)

May be, I’m wrong and using “armhf”, but did never realize. What can I do?

you should be able to check your architecture with the arch command (shipped by default on all ubuntu images) …

Thank you ogra - it shows me: armv7l That’s the wrong one :wink:

Most operating system downloads for the raspberry pi default to offering you the armhf variant because only the pi4 is compatible with arm64 images.

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For the example given, sql-client, it only provides a snap for the x86_64 architecture. You can verify by going to the landing page and looking at the drop down:

There’s probably a way to do it from the command line interface too.

Snaps can be made available for various architectures including armhf, but it sometimes takes additional time devoted to making them work correctly.