Not receiving verification email


I have created a ubuntu1 sign-in in a hope so I can use that to submit my snap to canonical snap store. However, I can not get my email verified. I am unable to get the site to send me a verification email. No matter how many times I clicked send me the verification email, the system is not doing it.

Create a developer account

To upload your snap to the Snap Store and access its management web interface, you will need a developer account. If you don’t already have one, creating one is easy.

The account is registered on Ubuntu One, a single sign-on service for Ubuntu and affiliated projects. Head over to and select the “I don’t have an Ubuntu One account” option.

Hi, I will need more information to locate your account and find out what the problem is; I can’t find any “ixubuntu” users on the snap store. Can you tell me the username you used to register there?

  • Daniel

Hello Jason,

Till now did not received a verification email from ubuntu1 account. Don’t know how to log into snap store without that. Can you help? I think my user was ‘ixubuntu’. Or you can use my email to find me.

Hi, I can help if you read my previous reply and provide the required information. As I mentioned, There is no “ixubuntu” user and I cannot see your email address in the forum. Maybe send it to me in a private forum message.

“Jason” is a spammer and cannot help you :slight_smile:

How does one send private message here? I don’t see any option anywhere. If i try to send you message on moderator forum, I get the message “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

Go to and see if there’s a blue “Message” button on the top right.

  • Daniel