Not able to use serial-port interfaces

@kyrofa @ogra we support gadgets on classic as such, but they cannot be added after the fact, you need your own full image with model and everything (also there is no generally available tooling to make one those ATM, it is manual)

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AIUI, the work for dynamic slots (part of what is needed for this) is now towards the top of roadmap list. I’m not working on this (though I suspect I’ll be asked to review :slight_smile: ) and don’t think it is in 2.33. But perhaps within the next couple releases after that (@niemeyer and/or @mvo could comment on the exact timelines).

Hi Guys,

I have the java application to list the serial ports in the system. it’s work fine in Ubuntu 16.04 System. Then I created the snap of the same project as per the snapcraft instruction, after install the snap in my Ubuntu 16.4 LTS system , its not list the serial ports. throwing the below error.

“check_group_uucp(): error testing lock file creation Error details:Permission deniedcheck_lock_status: No permission to create lock file.”

Note : We are using RXTXcomm.jar and to run the java application.
Please help me to solve this… I tried lot but didn’t get the result…