Not able to login snapcraft with console

Hello, I am no longer able to login by typing “snapcraft login” in the Console. I don’t know why before everything was fine to log in. What to do to connect?

i’m on ubuntu 20 studio

Did you install an older version of Snapcraft? What is snapcraft --version? Are you using SNAPCRAFT_STORE_CREDENTIALS in the environment? (please don’t share the contents if you are)

One simple thing that should fix this would be to logout and log back in

Hi! snapcraft 7.1.1

… and … and Now start a dbus session:

dbus-run-session -- sh 

To unlock the keyring from the command-line, run the following. You will be asked to enter a passphrase, type ctrl+d when done:

gnome-keyring-daemon --unlock

Now you can login as usual:

snapcraft login

1-what is the : enter a passphrase ?

2-And it ask me to enter a password … i try to login with all my passwords and no working at all

3-i uploaded many games on snapcraft store in 2021 ‘‘fresh passed’’ and worked as well.

4-the system say to me that i have no header line… when i type snapcraft login directly…

-------re-edited : <Did you install an older version of Snapcraft?> i managed some things and i add to post:

sudo snapcraft login is working, i will take a look with snapcraft 6x

my ubuntu session is auto login on start that i need to type sudo… ?

i will back to this and you, in more times… Thanks!