None of the snap symlink the home folders

Hi I noticed that none of the snap (running on 18.04 Mate) manage to connect to the home folders.

When starting I get for all my snaps messages like:
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/home/dietmarw/snap/gnome-calculator/222/snap/gnome-calculator/222/Documents': No such file or directory
etc for all the folders.

it is some annoyance but I fear in case of vidcutter might actually keep it from working properly. Any idea how to fix this?

That message seems to come from the desktop-launch script from ubuntu/snapcraft-desktop-helpers. Try produce a debug trace of the script by:

  1. Run snap run --shell gnome-calculator in a terminal to get a in-snap shell
  2. Run cat $SNAP/command-gnome-calculator.wrapper, copy and paste the lines starting with export and run each of them
  3. Run bash -o xtrace desktop-launch, wait for the command-line prompt to re-appear
  4. Copy all messages in terminal to Ubuntu Pastebin, submit it and paste the result paste URL here(example: ).

Hi, thanks did all that and here is the output:

Just noticed that I ran the sequence as root. Here the paste from when I’m running it as normal user:

gnome-calculator snap does not define any connection to the home interface, so it cannot point those folders to your home folder.

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It seems this missing connection is missing for all my snaps. E.g., vidcutter, signal-desktop, gimp etc show all the same problem. Which again makes me believe the problem must be somewhere else since surely not all of them have “forgotten” the home interface.

Please file an issue on Issues · ubuntu/snapcraft-desktop-helpers with the trace paste URL.