NodeJs App using snapcraft's nodejs plugin gives Error

snapcraft gives error -

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

We’re gonna need more information than that:

  • What do you have set for the source: attribute?
  • Is that source a git repository?
  • Do you have any override- scripts or a version-script?

The easiest way to answer most of those is to show us your snapcraft.yaml or point us to your project files.

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am using this simple example from here

that error was because they are using version: git
where it need to be a string.
like version: β€˜1’
changing line makes snap.

this example seems to be broken, it should point to a git tree to clone first, or tell you to do a git init/add/commit/tag then version: git should actually work, it is a perfectly valid thing to do (if you are in a git tree) …