No method to show recently updated snaps

GNOME Software has a “Recent Releases” section that is designed to show downloadable apps that have been recently updated. This is also common in other stores, e.g. Android. AFAIK there is no method to get this from the Snap store / snapd. We should consider if this can be done / makes sense.


Ubuntu bug.

A possible technical solution - we have a new category returned from snapd that is dynamically generated by the store.

I think this would be a great feature. It would help showcase app developers that do update their apps.

Seems there’s a few classes of apps which might appear here. Which of these are you expecting to show?

  • Applications which have just landed in stable
  • Applications which have been in stable, but have been updated recently
  • Applications I have installed which have been updated recently

Seems the first two could be good for discovery of new applications, I agree. However it could also turn into a bit of a firehose as the number of snaps in the store climbs, especially if it’s automagically generated. Perhaps it should be a curated list, or is that another category?

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In GNOME Software we only have one list “Recent Releases”. I guess it’s entirely up to us as to what we put in it as long as it makes sense with that heading. Other stores may want to show more / different lists if the overhead of generating them is reasonable for the advocacy / store teams.

It is however not the third item - “Applications I have installed which have been updated recently”. This list is for application discovery.