No hardware acceleration in electron kiosk snap

When building an Electron kiosk snap based on I get no hardware acceleration on an Intel Compute Stick on Ubuntu Core 18 using any Electron version with Chromium version > 73 (i.e. Electron 5 works, but not Electron 6 or 7). This can easily be seen by going to chrome://gpu in the Electron app, all hardware acceleration is disabled. When using older Chromium (for example Electron 5 with Chromium 73) I get full hardware acceleration (except video decode, but that is another topic).
At first I thought this might be an Electron issue but when testing the chromium-mir-kiosk snap, the same is true with the beta versus edge channel versions. The beta version of chromium-mir-kiosk uses Chromium 68, and here hardware acceleration works just fine, but in the edge channel version which uses Chromium 78 I get no hardware acceleration at all. Without any hardware acceleration all animations are choppy and ugly, so currently the Intel Compute Stick is unusable with new Electron apps on Ubuntu Core 18.
Further digging on chrome://gpu whith newer Chromium versions shows that it seems to get the wrong GPU driver version. Driver vendor is empty (compared to “Mesa” on older Chromium versions), and driver version is also wrong.
Any ideas how to fix this? Or where the problem might be?

Hi @niklas, anything on the console suggesting why Chromium fails to hook Mesa up?

Hi @Saviq, unfortunately I can see no errors in the log from starting the snap (via journalctl), the log is exactly the same in both cases.
In chrome://gpu, I can see an error log message from GpuProcessHost when using newer Chromium versions:
GpuProcessHost: The GPU process exited with code 1024.

Sorry to jump on an old thread, but I’m also wondering about hardware accelerated graphics in Electron (Chromium).

Does Ubuntu Core support hardware accelerated graphics on any hardware? I’m particularly wondering about Electron/Chromium running under mir-kiosk on Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4 and Intel NUC.