No access to /media with p7zip-desktop


ive installed p7zip with snap and cant open files that are saved outside the home dir. Ive tried to fix the Problem with

sudo snap connect p7zip-desktop:removable-media

but then i have this error

p7zip-desktop" has no plug named "removable-media

Does this mean that there is no way to access to files outside home?

The snap apparently doesn’t plugs removable-media so, no. This would be a bug in the snap, however, it does look like the snap in the edge channel does plug removable-media. You can try it out with ‘snap refresh --edge p7zip-desktop’. I suggest you report a bug to the publisher of the snap. cc @ErnyTech

I have just released the new version of p7zip on the stable channel with the fix for accessing external devices.
Snap should auto update the package in every pc, but to force the update you can execute: snap refresh

After updating, in order to access external devices in respect to the Snap standard, it is necessary to enable the permission through the Snap Store or via a terminal with snap connect p7zip-desktop: removable-media