Nextlcoud: mysql tuning

Hello together, first time poster here. I hope I’m in the right forum.

I have installed the nextcloud (13) with snap. But I find it behaves very slow, regarding both bandwith and usability. It takes very long to upload/download small files and using nextcloud with the browser is slow, too. The server as a lot of capacity left (memory and upload bandwith), which is obviousely not used. I did some research on the nextcloud forums, and the result was that tuning the mysql parameters could help.

But I could not find out how to this on snap installation. Is tuning of the mysql parameters (my.cnf) possible? If yes, how?

I would say that there is no way right now to do without re-compiling the snap yourself.

I guess that another option would be to do some stuff configurable, like some Apache configs:

But @kyrofa knows for sure.

By the way, do you have any idea on what could be tuned?

This conversation is probably better had over here:

Please log an issue, I’m curious what tuning was recommended.