Nextcloud in R Pi OS

Hi, I used this to install, but unlike other methods of installation, no wizard appeared to enable configuration.

I tried localhost/nextcloud in the browser; nope.

Searching in this forum I see someone used another snap, nextcloud-client, a few years ago, but it’s no longer available.

Checking my file system, ls /var doesn’t reveal the /www directory I’d expect. So basically it seems the promise on the installation page, of including all dependencies, might be too good to be true.

Any ideas?

snaps do usually install all their data into /var/snap/<snapname>/current (or .../common), you will not find anything in /var/www …

there is also some helpful info at:

Thanks for your response. The link you gave pertains to the Ubuntu snap though. I think the fact that snaps have only just started to work in Raspberry Pi OS might be part of my problem.

snaps are not tied at all to the host operating system and to my knowledge snaps have been working on rpiOS for years now … especially for server/non-GUI snaps …

it should just work as advertised … note though that the install hook of the snap generates a lot of databases and such, so depending on the speed of your SD card it might take a while until it stats for the first time after a fresh install …