Nextcloud-desktop-client raspberry not working


first of all thanks for creating this snap for the raspberry pi. I am a first time user of snap and i was quite impressed by the smoothly install of the NextCloud Desktop client app and the snap store.

Unfortunately i didn’t get it running at a RPI400 with the latest clean Raspberry OS 64 installation. I am not really an expert by i think something went wrong during the creation of the snap app. At least one of the executables are of type X86-64 and these will not run on a Arm64 machine (i verified just one of the binary files, i think all are of X86-64 type).

I would appreciate when somebody would call me wrong (i prefer not :slight_smile:) or could improve the snap app. Please also mention in the description it is for OS64. Many thanks in advance.

@glasen77 might possibly be able to help here ?

I’ve tried to build with “snapcraft remote-build” but the compilation fails while applying a patch-file.

Is there any way to build multi-arch-packages only using “”?

Edit: I’ve managed to build an arm64-version of package with The syntax in my YAML-file was wrong. For armhf there will be no packages at the moment. I still have to port the snap to core22.

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Hi @glasen77 (Stefan),

You mean a new version is available running Arm64? Then i will (soon) test it. Just need to find another SD-Card :slight_smile:. Will come back on it. Thanks for the fast service.

Hi @glasen77 (Stefan),

Just installed the new version of the nextcloud-desktop-client snap with a fresh RASPOS64 at a rpi400 and can confirm all is running fine. Only remark … i had to reboot before the program is visible in the menu (but that will be normal i guess).

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