Next: snapd 2.25

With snapd 2.24 almost ready this page starts the planning for the 2.25 release.

The follow changes are planned for this release

The aliases support is in flight right now, we need to land all new aliases branches tagged “critical” and “2.25” as a minimum required for 2.25. Unfortunately our usual mantra of “master is always releasable” is not holding true for a very short time (until those branches are in).

The following changes were perfomed in this release:

Needs converting to invidiual pages and tags:

Refresh-schedule limited to 24h only for now until more discussion has happend

Who: mvo

emergency fix groundwork (the assertion boilerplate code?)

Who: pedronis, mvo

Looking into content inferface bug LP:#1645731

Who: zyga

follow up on systemd - 229-4ubuntu16+ppa1 from ppa:snappy-dev/image

Who: mvo
Bug: LP:1659195

Look into /run/snapd/ns - bad file descriptor

Who: zyga
Bugs: LP:#1665808

dbus activiation for snaps

Who: mvo
Bugs: LP#1648990

kernel commandline settings

Who: ogra
Bugs: LP:1664388

make snap-confine use runtime, not compile-time choices

Who: zyga, jdstrand, mvo
Subpage: TBD

gadget snap config defaults don’t work => 2.26

Who: apw, pedronis
Bugs: LP:1673815

timedatectl set-timezone fails

Who: ogra
Bugs: LP:1650688

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Looking forward to seeing the refresh-schedule (24h) feature landing! \o/

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@mvo When you’re back, can we please have a call to talk about the proposed post-Trello task workflow.

Related to gadget config defaults:

can I be part of this conversation so we do things similarly?

@mvo Let’s please make sure these comments on the Xauthority PR by @morphis get addressed in a follow up PR before 2.25 goes out. If this is the only thing blocking the release, it’d be okay to just revert the PR and remerge later with the fixes.

Submitted the PR at yesterday. @mvo approved and it is ready to be merged when no further comments are made.

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