Next refresh is in the past

This looks wonky. My timer is set to only refresh snaps on Sunday, and I pushed back updates for a month. yet the “next” line says the next one is yesterday. That doesn’t look right. Surely “next” should say next Sunday (but held)?

# snap refresh --time
timer: sun,12:00
last: 5 days ago, at 17:22 BST
hold: in 30 days, at 12:37 BST
next: yesterday at 12:00 BST (but held)

It does look a bit confusing at first. The refresh-hold was set before the next scheduled refresh ran. By the time snapd wanted to run a refresh held was already effective, so nothing happened. The next thing is effectively when the next refresh after last was expected to run (but did not).

AFAICT, the next planned refresh time will be updated once hold expires.