New stable version of Thunderbird freezes on closing

This morning a new stable version of Thunderbird was published (115.10.0-2). On closing the updated version seems to freeze. See screenshot. The app does not ‘unfreeze’ and nothing functions anymore. One can only opt for a forced exit (uscita forzata). I have tried to restart the system time and again, and the error is really systematic. I reverted to the 115.9 version and things go well again. Then I retried to update to the latest version, and the same error occurs again. My system is Ubuntu LTS 22.04.4, Kernel 6.5. For the moment I decided to revert back to 115.9. I hope this problem will be solved soon.

Problem solved with new version of today 115.10.1-1 (470 instead of 468). Thx!! Great!!

Confirm the repository (not snap) version 115.10.0 had the same problem and fixed in today’s version also.

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