New remote part for properly licensed h264 via libopenh264

I’d like to donate: for use on the remote parts thingy ( I’m happy for it to be forked into a more central and official location so that accountability can be maintained if it is required to do so.


  1. add [1] to your launcher (once included in remote parts list)
  2. prepend your command with libopenh264-launch, like [2] or in combination with a desktop-helper, like [3] if foo is in the $PATH. You can as well specify [4] to include the full path to the SNAP’s filesystem.
  3. add needed plugs to your application:
  • for a graphical application (Think about adding opengl for hardware acceleration).[5]
  • if your application needs access to sound. [6]
  • access to user’s home directory. [7]
  • access to Mir. [8]

YAML Code:

[1] after: [libopenh264-helper]

[2] command: libopenh264-launch foo

[3] command: desktop-launch libopenh264-launch foo

[4] command: libopenh264-launch $SNAP/foo

[5] plugs: [X11 (or unity7 for appmenu integration)]

[6] plugs: [pulseaudio]

[7] plugs: [home]


    default-provider: mir-libs
    interface: content
    target: mir-libs

I guess this fell by the wayside? Could someone at least say “no” officially rather than leave me hanging wondering whether this will eventually get added to the remote parts list?

(I can’t add this to the list myself, because 1. the wiki randomly won’t let me login - HTTP 500 errors when logging in some of the time while other times working fine, and 2. the remote parts page is immutable so I’m not able to amend it anyway)

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