New NanoPi NEO Air Ubuntu Core developer image


Along with the already existing beaglebone (black), hummingboard imx6, sabrelite imx6 and nanopi-neo images, there is now also an image for the wifi-only NanoPi NEO Air on my daily builds page ready for downloading and tinkering.

Compared to the others this image is slightly special since you can actually install it completely unmodified to the internal eMMC of the board so that no SD card is required after installation.

In case you own such a device and are trying the image, feedback in this thread would be appreciated.

The image uses the linux-generic-allwinner kernel snap (like the nanopi-neo) which is a build of the upcoming linux-generic tree for 17.10 from (if you find any instabilities or missing options, please let me know) with the allwinner configuration options enabled.

The source for the gadget snap can be found on my github page


To install to the internal eMMC plug your SD into your PC’s SD card reader…
Make sure the card is not mounted, mine shows up as “sdc” so i do the following:

sudo umount /dev/sdc1
sudo umount /dev/sdc2

Write the image to SD:

xzcat ubuntu-core-16-nanopi-air.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=32M

Attach the serial cable to the board and fire up screen:

sceen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

Put the card in the board, attach the antenna, apply power and run through the configuration wizard.

Remove power and plug the SD back into your PC, wait til it auto-mounts (or mount it manually if you have this turned off on your desktop)

cp ubuntu-core-16-nanopi-air.img.xz /media/<user>/writable/user-data/<user>/

Unmount the SD and plug it back into the board … boot it.
Log in with the ssh credentials you received when doing the first configuiration:

ssh ogra@

xzcat ubuntu-core-16-nanopi-air.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=16M
sudo sync

Shut down the board and remove the card … now boot again and it will boot to eMMC and run the configuration from scratch for the internal install.


Ogra, You mentioned “wifi-only” in your message, What does that mean? I need to work with both wifi and ble on this unit. Thanks


It means that the newest device to have been enabled and is being reported upon in the original post does not support Ethernet in any way whatsoever: