New legacy track for docker snap `core18`


I would like to move docker snap to base:core22 and drop support for i386, and add support for riscv64 among updating versions of the parts, and potentially introducing incompatible changes and/or dropping support for legacy features.

To allow users remain on existing version of the docker snap, I would like to publish the current revisions of the docker snap in a legacy track.

To avoid any confusion with the docker version numbers (currently at 20.10.17) may i please request a track called core18 such that intent is explicitely clear that it is an older version of the docker snap, which is available on core18 base.

Having this track, will open possibility to move latest/stable to base:core22

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I don’t love the semantics of a core18 track but I don’t have a concrete argument against it, and your rationale makes sense. Since Docker has existing tracks, +1 on this and I have created core18.

That said, would it make sense to have a legacy track instead? as the important characteristic of what you’ll publish (the “old” docker) is that it’s legacy, not that it depends on core18.

Let me know if you’d prefer that instead :slight_smile:

  • Daniel