New desktop interfaces are not documented

The recent desktop and desktop-legacy interfaces are not documented in the interfaces section of

@kenvandine @jamesh Would it be possible to include the new interfaces in the docs and also explain what the relationship between desktop and desktop-legacy is with unity7, unity8, x11 and wayland because there appears to be some overlap.

Seems it’s covered here and here which feeds the page you link to. Just needs refreshing. Paging @davidcalle :slight_smile:

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Note, they are documented here: and here: The desktop interfaces

I think @davidcalle may maintain, but I’m not sure what the definitive resource for interfaces is (I’m continuing to update since I haven’t been told otherwise).


Thanks for the heads up @popey. Yes, pulls from the wiki page, it went back to manual pulls after recent changes on the site structure. @jdstrand would you be OK to open a bug when a new interface is created on the wiki or even directly adding it to the table? Until we figure out a better process.

@davidcalle - I can file a bug (I don’t know how to update the table (or need reminding)). If this has been on manual for a while, you might want to do a resync now to make sure it is up to date.

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