New autoconnect request for Device Update for IoT Hub

Continuing the discussion from Submitting request for Device Update for IoT Hub autoconnecting to Microsoft Delivery optimization interfaces:

This is a new request from @eshashah-msft :

In addition to the above interfaces, I would like to request autoconnect to deviceupdate-agent-downloads plug interface in the Device Update snap This enables download and storing update payloads by the Delivery Optimization Snap.

Hi @eshashah-msft , I didnt get the request here, which interface the snap wants auto-connect to?


@0xnishit The request is for Device Update snap to autoconnect to the deviceupdate-agent-downloads plug interface in the Delivery Optimization snap

Given the reasoning for the multiple publishers on the linked thread, +1 from me for auto connecting the requested content interface for deviceupdate-agent-downloads. Can other @reviewers please vote?

Pending approval, you will also need to update the snapcraft.yaml files to have matching content names. Correct me if I have the wrong snap revisions, but this means the content: tag in the plug for deviceupdate-agent-downloads in the deliveryoptimization-agent snap should match content: tag in the downloads-folder slot in the deviceupdate-agent snap.

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@cav Yes. We will republish the yaml file.

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Hi @review-team : Looking for approval on the above autoconnect request

+1 from me too - apologies for the delay in reviewing this request.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of the content interface deviceupdate-agent-downloads to snap deliveryoptimization-agent.

Let me know once the yaml file is republished with the content tag updates mentioned prior and I’ll go ahead an make the change to make this auto-connection live. Thanks for your patience!